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CarbonActive filter standard, 125mm, 400m³/h

CarbonActive filter standard, 125mm, 400m³/h

Diameter: 125mm
Manufacturer: CarbonActive

Weight: 3.00 kg

Technical specifications:

400/125, max. 400m³ / h connection Ø125 mm, 1.7 kg

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CarbonActive Ø125mm Homeline Standard Filter

Manufacturer: Carbon Active

Model: Standard filter


Design: 125mm

Product description:

CarbonActive Standard filters are used for ventilation and air conditioning technology. The air is most reliably cleaned of unwanted odors and impurities.

The CarbonActive Standard filters have been designed for use in ventilation and air conditioning applications. They reliably purify the air of unwanted gases and harmful substances. Thanks to their innovative design, Carbon Active filters are lighter, smaller, more efficient and more reliable than traditional activated carbon filters. CarbonActive Standard filters use tiny activated carbon particles (Ø 0.4-0.8mm). By cutting into particles, the odor neutralizing surface increases by 10'000 times, which greatly enhances the effect. Multilayer fibrous plastic filter sheets fill the bottom and lid. This is guaranteed to prevent bad (ie unfiltered) air from entering. The PU glue used does not contain diluent.

400/125, max. 400 m³ / h connection Ø 125 mm, 1.7 kg

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