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Cannatonic CBD hemp plant - 5pcs

Cannatonic CBD hemp plant - 5pcs

Weight: 2.000 kg

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Cannatonic CBD hemp plant - 5pcs


Cannatonic marijuana is a great example of CBD at its best, offering sweet relief from a range of ailments with a touch of luck cementing the strain's place as the cannabis community's favorite.

With a low THC content (around 0.5-1%), any psychoactive expectation of Cannatonic marijuana is well balanced by its high CBD content of around 12%. The combination creates a chest high that, while not lasting long, can lift the weight of your mental strain. An added boost of clear energy from Cannatonic's sativa heritage makes this strain a great wake-and-bake.

Such high levels of CBD make Cannatonic marijuana extremely attractive to patients who want to treat their ailments with natural medicines. The lack of psychoactivity and full body sedation makes it a huge burden for daytime therapy, especially for patients suffering from chronic pain, muscle spasms, and mental health issues like stress and depression that can affect productivity.

Cannatonic marijuana, with an aromatic profile of earth and hints of citrus, is a treat for all but a grow. Cannatonic marijuana seeds are prone to powdery mildew and picky about their atmosphere. They are best grown by gardeners with prior cannabis experience. Cannatonic does quite well in a controlled environment, and with care and attention, the somewhat fussy plant will deliver after a fairly long flowering period of 10 to 11 weeks

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