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Barney's Farm / FEM / Moby Dick

Barney's Farm / FEM / Moby Dick

Amount: 5 Seeds
Manufacturer: Barney's Farm

Weight: 0.100 kg

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MOBY DICK Cannabis Seeds



The search for a strain that provides huge yields and high THC levels can often turn out like a search for a white whale. However, this is one strain that delivers on all counts: Moby Dick. The chase for a high-performing plant is over, thanks to the team at Barney's Farm. Best of all, this strain is accessible to most, so you won't need to obsess over it.
Moby Dick is the high-performing sativa-dominant feminized strain you need in your life. Developed by the team at Barney's Farm by crossing the potent and high-yielding White Widow and Haze, the result is simply colossal—in every sense of the word. Drawing on her rich heritage, Moby Dick provides a rare cannabis experience that should be sampled by as many as possible.

Despite her reputation as a standout strain, growing Moby Dick is actually a fairly straightforward experience, well-suited to intermediate and expert growers. She's a tall specimen for sure, though she's still suitable for indoor cultivation. A little maintenance throughout her growing cycle will go a long way.

If you're looking to control her height and performance further, you can implement some LST and lollipopping for extra control. After a flowering period of 63–70 days, she'll be ready to harvest indoors, and this is where it gets interesting.  She'll really flourish in hot and bright outdoor settings, and, come October, will deliver exceptional harvests of 1.5–2kg/plant.

Once those buds have been collected, dried, and cured, they'll be ready to indulge in. After filling numerous stash jars, it's time to sample what she has to offer. Moby Dick boasts strong citrus, pine, and vanilla tones that carry over flawlessly to her flavour. Whether smoked or vaporized, the flavours shine through with minimal effort, making for a delicious experience.

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