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Barney's Farm / FEM / Bubba Kush

Barney's Farm / FEM / Bubba Kush

Amount: 5 Seeds
Manufacturer: Barney's Farm

Weight: 0.100 kg

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BUBBA KUSH Cannabis Seeds




Bubba Kush not only provides an easy-going growing experience for newcomers and seasoned cultivators alike, but her buds showcase her balanced and optimized genetics. Anticipate rich and rewarding flavours and aromas coupled with a relaxing high, and a strain that you will want to savour time and time again.

The good folks at Barney's Farm have recently come out with their feminized variety of Bubba Kush, a indica-dominant strain that's captured the hearts and minds of stoners for decades. It's a flavourful and aromatic plant that has some impressive genetics; derived from Afghan Kush Landrace mixed with OG Kush, Bubba Kush takes the finest parts of its parentage and produces sweet, earthy, and impressively large buds.

Growing Bubba Kush is nothing short of a joy. It requires very little in the way of maintenance throughout its growing cycle (other than the occasional pruning). It is robust and tough enough to be grown in many different climates and environments. Regardless of your preference for growing inside or outdoors, Bubba Kush will perform. Not an overly tall plant, it won't outgrow or impose in a growing area. In just a period of 8-9 weeks, it'll be ready to yield indoors. 

Once dried and cured, the piles of buds from your Bubba Kush plants are yours to make the most of. They're fast to give off sweet, earthy and diesel-like aromas once you hold them in your hands. The taste of Bubba Kush follows the scent perfectly, coming in with rich, earthy tones that are backed up with a sweet, sugary flavour. Along with this rich and nuanced flavour profile, Bubba Kush also provides a high that offers an initial euphoric buzz that settles into a relaxing vibe. Whether smoked or vaped, this is a strain of choice when you want to kick back and enjoy your night.

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