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Aptus Fungone 1L

Aptus Fungone 1L

Manufacturer: Aptus

Weight: 2.00 kg


3% food hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver, natural additives

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Aptus Fungone 1L

Fungone is a proprietary preventive foliar spray that reduces pathogen problems on the leaves while increasing the plants' resistance to future attack.

It helps prevent fungal, bacterial and viral problems by cleaning the leaf and creating conditions that do not favor the development of pathogens. It prevents future infections by creating a protective shield over the leaves. It is extremely useful for outdoor applications.

Prevent viral, fungal, and bacterial infections by cleaning plant surfaces
Creates a protective shield on the surface of the plant leaf
Non-toxic to plants and animals
Prevents bud rot and powdery mildew


3% food hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver, natural additives


APTUS Fungone is ready for immediate use. As a precaution, use once a week until the last week of flowering. If your plants are among the susceptible species, the product can be diluted 1: 4 - however, this diluted spray will be used up quickly.

Never operate the device with the lights on - there is a high risk of burning leaves.

If a larger area is required, a concentrated APTUS Fungone variant can be used.

Store in the original packaging at 10-25 ° C. Keep out of the reach of children.

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