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Anesia Seeds / FEM / Frozen Black Cherry

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We proudly present the latest marvel from Anesia Seeds, the Frozen Black Cherry, here on the Grow Island website.

This special cannabis strain impresses fans with its terpene saturation and extremely frosty appearance. Thanks to its adaptive properties, it perfectly adapts to various techniques and environments. In just 8-9 weeks, it produces a rich yield of fruity, sweet, resin-soaked buds that meet even the highest expectations.

The terpene profile of Frozen Black Cherry has a delightful potential; its aroma consists of fresh forest berries and a slight sour note, with the dominant aroma being juicy cherry. The taste is simply irresistible. The strain boasts outstanding resin production, with buds appearing as if thickly coated with a layer of ice. They are shiny white, beautiful, and incredibly potent.

Frozen Black Cherry can reach a THC level of up to 36%, making it one of the strongest strains worldwide. Sensual distortions and trippy effects may occur as the perception of time blurs. It has a distinctly psychedelic component, and the music suddenly becomes much broader and deeper. At the same time, a deep physical relaxation spreads, and daily worries and stress simply vanish.

Plants indoors reach a medium height but require adequate light to achieve their full potential. After a short flowering period, they begin excessive resin production, which peaks at the end of flowering when all buds are literally covered in resin. They can physiologically alleviate pain and help reduce stress.

Discover Frozen Black Cherry today and enjoy the special opportunity offered to you by Grow Island!

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