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Adjust-A-Wings Hellion VS3 LED 510 Watt

Adjust-A-Wings Hellion VS3 LED 510 Watt

Manufacturer: Adjust-A-Wings

Weight: 18.00 kg


  • BPF 1375 µmol / S - BPF (Bioactive Photon Flux / 280 - 800nm) includes PAR + UV / Near-Blue + Far-Red / Near IR.
  • PPF 1325 µmol / s
  • Input voltage: 200-240V
  • Power consumption: 561 watts
  • Illuminable area: 100 x 100 cm
  • Lifespan: 50,000 hours
  • Spectrum: Full Spectrum, 360-780 nm, PAR with UV-A / Near-Blue / Far-Red / IR
  • Light source: Samsung LM301h 3K + 5K, Osram 660nm Red, Osram 730nm Far-red, Seoul 395 UV
  • Dimmable: 3 channels dimmable on the lamp
  • External control: Adjust-A-Wings Hellion VS3 Master Controller
  • Weight: 14 kg


  • Adjust-A-Wings Hellion VS3 LED 510 watts
  • Manual
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Adjust-A-Wings Hellion VS3 LED 510 Watt

New LEDs with variable spectrum from Adjust-A-Wings

It's time for a light revolution! Enjoy improved plant control, more branching, denser flowers, and unusual terpenes - all while saving energy!

We are expanding our HELLION lighting range to include four state-of-the-art LED lights. The HELLION VS3 LEDs are equipped with the latest LED and multi-driver technologies and represent a completely new level of light quality in horticulture, system efficiency, spectral adjustability and the penetration capacity of the plant canopy.

All Hellion VS3 LED headlights contain white 3K + 5K diodes with 660 nm red to create a rich baseline full spectrum. Other “full spectrum” LEDs often only use one type of white diode mixed with 660 nm red and stop there. The combination of our rich base (3K + 5K + 660 nm) with Far-Red and UV-A diodes provides a superior quality of light that promotes higher photosynthesis and promotes higher quality plants.


Hellion VS3 LEDs offer growers a revolutionary new level of photomorphogenic control. With separate dimming for vegetables, flowers and UV, it is easy to set the perfect spectrum for compact and vigorous vegetative growth, to reduce the stretching during the transition and to increase the weight, color and taste in the flower.


Most LED lights cut costs by using a single driver to power the entire light, which inevitably degrades efficiency. The Hellion VS3 LEDs combine THREE separate drivers for plant, bloom and UV diodes and thus enable a new level of system efficiency.

Deeper penetration of the plant canopy

Adjust-A-Wings would never let you down in this department! Each lightbar sits under its own micro-reflector and helps direct photons towards the canopy with greater precision, focus and radiation intensity. No need for performance-damaging lenses.

ADJUST-A-WINGS LED lamp control
One of the most exciting features that all models have in common is 3-channel control. Three separate drivers power VEG, BLOOM, and UV diodes, which means growers can produce stockier, more disease-resistant mothers and juvenile plants, reduce elongation during the transition period, and increase biomass and essential oil production in bloom. Sophisticated “micro-reflectors” are located on each light bar, which channel and focus the intense light without having to resort to inefficient lenses.

The perfect spectrum

All Adjust-A-Wings HELLION VS3 LEDs are equipped with 3x independent channels (VEG, BLOOM, UV) for spectral diversity and control. The VEG channel is full spectrum, rich in blue. BLOOM is also a full spectrum, rich in red + far red, and UV offers UVA + near blue for a fine finish!

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