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Hemp buds

There are 15 products in the category.

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CBD "MoonRocks" 3g

€ 36.00
€ 54.00
Gorilla Glue Hanfblüten

"Gorilla Glue" 2g

€ 20.00
Gelato Hanfblüten

"Frosty" 2g

€ 18.00
Mimosa Hanfblüten

"Mimosa" 2g

€ 22.00
Northern Lights Hanfblüten

"Northern Lights" 5g

€ 40.00
Critical Mass Hanfblüten

"Critical Mass" 5g

€ 35.00
CBD Buds

"Strawnana" 2g

€ 16.00
CBD Buds

"Skywalker CBG" 2g

€ 16.00
CBD Buds

"Somango" 2g

€ 16.00
CBD Buds

"Medikit Buddha" 2g

€ 16.00
CBD Buds

"Amnesia Haze" 5 g

€ 33.90
CBD Buds

CBD Buds "Sebastian" 2g

€ 16.00
CBD Buds

"Super Bud" 5 g

€ 36.90
CBD Buds

"Maximus OG" 5 g

€ 46.90
Orange Bud

CBD Buds "Orange Bud" 2g

€ 18.00

Order the best CBD blossom aroma tea from Austria now!
Convince yourself of our professionally grown, carefully harvested and hand-selected CBD blossom aroma tea (from whole flowers). All of our products are obtained from certified EU hemp and are only offered as aroma tea. We ship CBD grass aroma tea with a THC content of <0.2% to all delivery countries,
Products with a THC content of <0.3% can unfortunately only be shipped to Austria!

Our CBD blossom aroma tea varieties all have a maximum THC value of less than 0.3% / 0.2% and are therefore legal in Austria / the EU.